(Red Band) Trailer Park: Kick-Ass 2 – The Return of Ultra Violence & Swearing

It’ll be interesting to see how closely they follow the Kick-Ass 2 comic, which was actually astoundingly brutal.

I’m wary of this though  as Mark Millar’s properties have a history of being poorly translated to film.

Bonus: Did you spot Jim Carrey before his name popped up in the credits?




One thought on “(Red Band) Trailer Park: Kick-Ass 2 – The Return of Ultra Violence & Swearing

  1. I have five – count ’em, five – gar-ON-teed, one hunnert percent accurate predictions. Ready?

    1. Jim Carey will be the best part of this movie by far.
    2. Genuine laughs will be few and far between, as the movie attempts to reach too far and do too much.
    3. As if Dark Shadows wasn’t proof enough, Chloe Moretz will be exposed as incapable of recreating her childhood success because she’s an awkward teenager and in general not a very a good actor. (This will be confirmed in October when Carrie comes out, though that movie as a whole will get decent reviews and do very well at the box office.)
    4. Kick-Ass himself will be vastly improved from an already competent first outing, yet you will not remember his name. Again. Nice abs though, bro.
    4. I’ll still enjoy every minute of it.


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