Trailer Park: The Venture Bros, Season 5: THERE WILL BE A RECKONING

Ninjas. Centaurs. Ball gags. Dentistry. Robots. Limb removal. Carnage. The occult. L. Ron Hubbard. The startling fact that you have a 20% chance to develop diarrhea at any moment of your waking life. Angry clowns who punch. And so much more, packed into slightly less that five minutes. How bonkers is this season going to be?? EXTREMELY BONKERS.

Season 5 starts airing on May 19th at midnight. Did you know that The Venture Brothers has been on the air for a decade at this point? To quote the famous Notorious B.I.G., “Well, if you weren’t aware, no you are.” That’s the line, right?


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