Who took the under with 26M?


Jack the Giant Killer took in a whopping $26M over the past weekend with a gross of nearly $200M and I… I am speechless.  I knew it wasn’t going to shatter March box office records but was anyone expecting it to be THIS bad?  In comparison, The Hunger Games took the top spot in this category with a $155M opening.

Screenrant has a terrific analysis on why movies like this usually fail.  I’ve touched on this before; if Hollywood wants to make money they need to churn out low-brow horror schlock & eschew these big budget fever dreams. If only JtGK (ed. note: Cool slang bro) invested about $175M of its budget in technology to  resurrect Ray Harryhausen and then shackled his shambling corpse to a claymation table, this could have been one hell of game changer for Warner Bros.


8 thoughts on “Who took the under with 26M?

  1. “if Hollywood wants to make money they need to churn out low-brow horror schlock & eschew these big budget fever dreams”

    Naw bro, they really don’t. Or are we seriously thinking Hollywood is in danger of not making money hand over fist for the first time since never? I smell a rant coming on!

    Definitely this movie is bombing hard but it will still make back its investment and then some on international, DVD and TV sales, not to mention licensing – all things that horror and other indie films generally don’t do well at. Many big studios have already created low budget wings to specialize in horror and indie fare because the margins are indeed often good. But for every Sinister there are half a dozen $5 million horror films that never even get a theatrical release. That’s a far cry from a sure bet, whereas blockbusters (even bad ones) are guaranteed to get onto lots of screens. And don’t forget: box office receipts (especially if tou just look at domestic numbers) tell you nothing about what a studio actually makes. Thats determined by negotiations with the distributors. Studios can demand a much bigger percentage of the BO for movies that theaters are guaranteed to want. Even a movie like Sinister with a big star gets the studio a much lower percentage because it’s impossible to predict demand for genre flicks. Blockbusters are here to stay because even the worst of them make money (See, e.g., Battleship. BLECH.) and the best of them (Avengers, etc) wil generate hundreds of millions for years to come thanks to licensed products and PPV, premium, cable and network distro deals.

    That being said, wanna go see Evil Dead with me???


  2. Why Horror/Science Fiction Movies Will Continue to Fail, Thus Sustaining Reasonable, Profitable Existence For Josh Duhammel and Reese Witherspoon: We all saw “The Cabin in the Woods”, thanks to Beyonder-powered Word of Mouth…then…it ended. Savvy?


  3. Truth: Hollywood tries to keep dialogue to a minimum and effects to a maximum because CGI showcases are easy to market and repackage in non-English speaking countries.


    • @Ryan: you’re totally right about the big budget movies, especially 3D. China gobbles that shit up like whoa. Fascinating article in the WSJ the other day – of the 34 non-Chinese productions the government allows to be released every year, 14 slots are reserved for 3D or IMAX movies. Apparently they don’t have a strong domestic ability to produce kinds of movies yet so American 3D is super popular. Just wait’ll they get a load of Smell-O-Vision…


  4. JtGK was just released overseas and has so far made only $14m Films in other countries are usually so bad that American films are all they have. Just the fact that Brad Pitt is in movie, even if its a crappy, means something to them. I guess you can say the same thing for commercials. Like Bill Murrays character in Lost in Translation. They’ll buy the coffee or booze or whatever he was selling just because he was a famous American actor.


  5. I was watching the ‘making of’ that movie “4 months, 3 weeks, and 2 days” that movie about the girl who wants an abortion in communist Romania….apparently Romania only has 6 movie theatres. Yes. 6.



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