Spotify for Comics: Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Becomes Marvel Unlimited, Goes Mobile


Marvel’s digital subscription service has always been weird. You could pay a monthly fee for all-you-could-read comics (a certain subset, of course) but ONLY on your desktop/laptop and NEVER on the go.  Which I guess made sense for awhile but with the proliferation of tablets & massive cell phone screens it just seems short-sighted and dumb.  Well, be short-sighted and dumb no longer, as Marvel has re-branded its previous offering, known as Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, as Marvel Unlimited(iOS only, for the time being).

i09 reports that “Marvel Unlimited is a new app, separate from the Marvel app already in the store. The app is an extension of the new HTML5 reader that Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited rolled out recently, but much more convenient.”

Now before  you go all “Shut up and take my money” (well, shut up and take my $10/month or $60/year for early adopters)  note that while there will be an initial offering of some 13,000 comics, only six can be stored and read offline. So without a persistent connection, your Marvel Unlimited quickly becomes Marvel Limited.  Still, io9 seems to hint that this number isn’t actually set in stone and Marvel is of a mind to potentially increase it.  You can watch the app in action here.

Limit or not, I’m a glutton and all-I-can-eat-comics is something I’ll gladly fork over a Hamilton/month for. Who else is on board?

This also begs the question: where are DC, Image & Dark Horse with similar offerings?

image via CBR

Who took the under with 26M?


Jack the Giant Killer took in a whopping $26M over the past weekend with a gross of nearly $200M and I… I am speechless.  I knew it wasn’t going to shatter March box office records but was anyone expecting it to be THIS bad?  In comparison, The Hunger Games took the top spot in this category with a $155M opening.

Screenrant has a terrific analysis on why movies like this usually fail.  I’ve touched on this before; if Hollywood wants to make money they need to churn out low-brow horror schlock & eschew these big budget fever dreams. If only JtGK (ed. note: Cool slang bro) invested about $175M of its budget in technology to  resurrect Ray Harryhausen and then shackled his shambling corpse to a claymation table, this could have been one hell of game changer for Warner Bros.