Trailer Park: Iron Man 3 Trailer Part 2 First Blood

Also, if there were a number of people falling out of an airplane and, as Iron Man, you can only save four, wouldn’t the humanitarian thing be to just incinerate them? They’re going to die anyway, right, so why not alleviate their terror and pain with your palms that emit disintegration beams? Anything else is just cruel.

The most interesting part of this new trailer (outside of shirtless Gwyneth Paltrow mrowr) is the glimpse of what looks to be every flavor of Iron Man armor being brought to bear (including, *gasp* some Hulk-buster armor) on…well, I don’t know exactly but I’m sure it’s some sort of fiendish Mandarin devilment. Here’s hoping they break out the new Marvel Now not-really-Extremis armor.

And lest we forget who the real loser is here:



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