Alternate Donkey Kongs Are The Donkey Kongs I Want To Play

Can we PLEASE get some Metroid Kong action happening? Video game developers, you are wasting your time & talents on new IP when people clearly want rehashed content they are already familiar with, mashed together with other nostalgic favorites! “Just give us more of the same, but slightly different!” the crowd yells. Developers, you have you mandate; now go forth and ignore all manner of copyright laws to bring us what we want!
enhanced-buzz-22904-1361983862-0 enhanced-buzz-12844-1361984896-0 enhanced-buzz-27431-1361985037-3

More monkeyshines after the jump…

enhanced-buzz-6968-1361984888-11 enhanced-buzz-12765-1361984886-6 enhanced-buzz-3488-1361984455-13 enhanced-buzz-2978-1361983764-12 enhanced-buzz-2704-1361983757-6 enhanced-buzz-22194-1361983862-3

via BF


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