The Artist Behind Argo’s Science Fiction Imagery Was…Jack Kirby !?

Buzzfeed has the story of where these images came from initially and how they were unearthed recently.  But yes, Jack Kirby was responsible for the art that was attached to a dead script, called Lord of Light. Reading about this after reading Sean Howe’s “Marvel Comics: The Untold Story”…man, Jack Kirby got around. I bet Science Fiction Land would’ve ruled, too. enhanced-buzz-wide-1855-1361320083-13

enhanced-buzz-wide-1780-1361320065-4 enhanced-buzz-wide-20932-1361320210-3 enhanced-buzz-wide-30816-1361320696-5

Tons more after the jump!

enhanced-buzz-wide-26454-1361320681-4 enhanced-buzz-wide-9735-1361320560-3 enhanced-buzz-wide-10525-1361320688-3 enhanced-buzz-wide-1575-1361320738-3 enhanced-buzz-wide-29639-1361320175-9 enhanced-buzz-wide-8702-1361320068-4 enhanced-buzz-wide-21502-1361320202-8

Images via Buzzfeed.


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