Prepare Your Ark: Playstation 4 News Deluge


Since I’ve already worked like 60 hours this week and I don’t have the investigative legs to track everything down for you guys, I can (and have) provided all you late comers with a slew of links featuring the highlights from tonights festivities.  Which, if you live under a rock which is actually under a series of other rocks, was the grand unveiling (kind of) of the Playstation 4. lers and screenshots over the next few days, when I’m not bone-tired.


 First look at the Playstation 4’s new camera & controller along with some detailed specs

PS4 stays hidden, but tech specs are revealed

Second screen funcionality via iOS & Android

Unreal Engine 4 running on the Playstation 4 

No initial backwards compatability for PS1 ,2 or 3 games, but they will be streamable via the cloud


inFamous: Second Son trailer

DriveClub trailer. What the hell is DriveClub?

Killzone 4 screenshots!


The Witness from Jonathan Blow (Braid!),

Watch Dogs

Diablo 3

Destiny from Bungie

Deep Downthe codename for Capcom’s new IP

2 thoughts on “Prepare Your Ark: Playstation 4 News Deluge

  1. I haven’t been a Sony guy since PS2 (PC Master Race with Nintendo tendencies), but I didn’t really see anything at that event that made me want to become one again.

    Since the PS4 will basically just be a PC though, I guess they could bail out and become a Steambox if things really went south.


  2. I think the big reveals will be strung out throughout the year, with the big box reveal at E3. DON’T YOU WANT TO PLAY DIABLO 3 ON A CONSOLE??

    Not going to lie….Steambox is very intriguing to me. But PC gaming is such a mystery.



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