Prepare Your Ark: Playstation 4 News Deluge


Since I’ve already worked like 60 hours this week and I don’t have the investigative legs to track everything down for you guys, I can (and have) provided all you late comers with a slew of links featuring the highlights from tonights festivities.  Which, if you live under a rock which is actually under a series of other rocks, was the grand unveiling (kind of) of the Playstation 4. lers and screenshots over the next few days, when I’m not bone-tired.


 First look at the Playstation 4’s new camera & controller along with some detailed specs

PS4 stays hidden, but tech specs are revealed

Second screen funcionality via iOS & Android

Unreal Engine 4 running on the Playstation 4 

No initial backwards compatability for PS1 ,2 or 3 games, but they will be streamable via the cloud


inFamous: Second Son trailer

DriveClub trailer. What the hell is DriveClub?

Killzone 4 screenshots!


The Witness from Jonathan Blow (Braid!),

Watch Dogs

Diablo 3

Destiny from Bungie

Deep Downthe codename for Capcom’s new IP

Did You Like Inception? Well, in Four Minutes You May Feel Differently

In attempt to toss another body onto its stinking corpse pile of ruined movies, CinemaSins puts Inception square in its crosshairs. Succeed? Fail? Whichever it is, you know what the final verdict is going to be.

Watching Inception a second time actually made me like the movie less. Also, is Tom Hardy the kiss of death? Inception, Lawless, Dark Knight Rises…his track record speaks for itself.

The Simpsons Drawing Club – But You Musn’t Touch

Super diverse one off Simpsons drawings! What’s not to like? Think I’m going to have to get a Thrillhouse tattoo.

Alec Jones


Stephanie Maurice Graham


Tyler Landry


Sam Taylor

Link via Comics Alliance & The Simpsons Drawing Club

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Game of Thrones Season 2 Cut Scenes? Game of Thrones Season 2 Cut Scenes.

I’d rather the sixth novel was debuting on March 31st instead of the third season of the HBO show, but we take what we can get.  Speaking of taking and getting, here are a few DVD/Blu-Ray extras from Season Two of Game of Thrones; get them in your…eyes? Brains?

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