With a Jolt, My Mind Awakens…Chapter Thirty-Five: Limits.

I just finished watching that movie, “Seven Psychopaths”. Woody Harrelson did not Assume the Moral Stance when his dog was swiped by the miscreants. No. Very Bad Things (not the movie, but the reality) tumbled into descent. What might I have said to Woody Harrelson?

Harrelson, your reaction is untenable…indefensible…unacceptable. Like making a peanut butter sandwich and then discarding it. Oh, my goodness…all the sacrifices made by the peanut butter for your immediate yet temporary hunger. I once saw a fella do just that: he made a sandwich, then declared, “Naw, F*ck It,” and tossed the sandwich into a dumpster. I could not stand arms akimbo to this balderdash. I tossed that man into the dumpster, then sat on the lid so he could not escape. Then, there was a whole lotta shakin’ and a-tossin’ and a-thrashin’ of the dumpster, with these gawdawful screams by the man. After the movement ceased, I peered into the dumpster and saw a ghastly sight: guts and tendons and ligaments and inner workings all a-scattered hither and yon, and a big, wide, bloody smile on the face of the sandwich.

Then I would walk away from Woody. Yes. I would just walk away.


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