‘After DayZ’ short film is the best zombie movie I’ve seen all year

Okay, sure, the year is really young. But this would rank as one of the most interesting and novel zombie movies of 2012 as well. After DayZ was crafted by the talented guys at CorridorDigital and inspired by the Arma mod phenomenon, DayZ (obvi). This awesome short film is an intense nine minutes of fleeing and blasting zombies in the snow, with a healthy smattering of car theft and murder. It’s exactly like DayZ, except my shitty PC can play it without the characters looking like they’re in a Dire Straits video.

Verily, you must watcheth this awesome trailereth for Knights of Badassdom.

Ever see a trailer and think to yourself, “Holy shit, this could be the perfect movie”? This feeling should NEVER be trusted because excellent trailers can be built from horrible movies. E.g., the trailers for Cowboys and Aliens looked exciting and amazing. The movie itself had its moments but mostly blew fat balls.

I’ve been stoked about the fantasy/horror/comedy Knights of Badassdom since I first heard about it last year. Despite my ingrained pessimism, this trailer only increases my anticipation. No word on  a release date other than “coming soon.” When it eventually does come out, we’ll finally learn what happens when a magic spell turns an epic LARP session into a fight to the death between the forces of stoned good and evil. Huzzah!