Indie Alert – Very Near Mint #3

f235c0ff0d0222d3e58ed248a93167dd_large-1Great News!  My favorite, newly discovered indie comic, Justin Peterson’s Very Near Mint, has a third issue on the way and you can help fund it over on Kickstarter right now! There are a whole slew of cool rewards for the various levels of funding, including a number of stretch goals, two of which have already been reached (trading cards & an 18 X 24 poster). If you want to see what I’m so ecstatic about, pick up the first two issues here and get caught up already. If you’re totally over the whole analog comics thing you can buy them digital download and start reading this very moment. What’s stopping you? Instant gratification is like three clicks away.3fb66ffd8e9f8b4cde779ca60c0d266c_large-1


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