With a Jolt, My Mind Awakens…Chapter Thirty-Two: Parasitic Alien Worm Zombie Flicks are My Sunday Morning Flapjacks

Drenched in syrup and concussed by diet root beer, 2006’s “Slither” slid happily down my gullet, care-free and whistling “Pumped Up Kicks” en route to a battle royal with Last Night’s Lasagna and Friday’s Ketchup Sandwich. Throw a parasitic alien worm into your soup, little headbangers, and enjoy the convulsive disco of Extraterrestrial Enslavement. Hey! Celebrity Endorsement a-comin’…”Hillbilly Lex Luthor” Michael Rooker always cleans his plate…

Such a shayna punim…

To cleanse the palate, please infuriate your inner Ghostbuster by devoting 89 minutes of your life to 1985’s “Moving Violations”, starring John Murray as the Guy You Hire For Your Movie When You Can’t Afford Bill Murray and Brian Doyle-Murray Won’t Shave…Late night mid-80’s HBO escapades always resulted in a viewing of this genuinely funny and callously overlooked comedy about traffic school misfits, also highly recommended for infernal acolytes of the Cult of Nedra Volz…you know her from “Diff’rent Strokes” as the 1st post-Mrs. Garrett housekeeper for the Drummond clan (left, with “Where’s the Beef?” and Wrestlemania II Celebrity Clara Peeler):

John Murray! Here’s a visual reminder from Class Picture Day:

I just observed Nedra Volz passed away ten years ago today, January 20, 2003…this fact is unrelated to the post. I’d say this is a strange coincidence, but I endure these Episodes of Pop Culture Collision too frequently nowadays to raise an eyebrow. Case in point: I had just finished “grabbing” the entire “Monkees” TV show when Davy Jones passed into the Hands of John Lennon (another death euphemism being tested…yes? no?).

Party’s over for this post…proof?


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