Please Enjoy These Trailers for Eli Roth’s Hemlock Grove and Indie Comedy Ghost Team One

These two items don’t really go together but they both look totally watchable so I’m giving them to you at the same time. HARD.

First up, we have Eli Roth’s made-for-Netflix series, Hemlock Grove. The trailer looks like something halfway between Lost and American Horror Story. That isn’t (necessarily) a bad thing, but what’s more interesting is the way Netflix releases its original programming: all at once. Netflix could pump out one episode a week like most web series and no one would complain. At least a few people would tune in for new content on a weekly basis, driving traffic to the rest of the streaming catalog in the process. But Netflix wisely understands that people don’t subscribe to watch an hour a week. Oh no. They want to spend an entire day in their comfy pants ordering obscene amounts of Chinese food and watching seven episodes back to back. All thirteen eps of Hemlock Grove are being released on April 19. Horror buffs are advised there is a strong possibility they will be feeling too sick to go to work that day.


In advance of its debut at Slamdance 2013 later this month, we next have the trailer for indie paranormal comedy Ghost Team One. I would normally bring the hate because of the found footage format, but the laughs look pretty real even if the spookiness is beat. And did that dude’s head just explode? I can’t post the trailer because it’s not on YouTube yet but here’s a link to the original post. Promise you’ll come back when you’re done watching?

(Via Fangoria and Bloody Disgusting)

2 thoughts on “Please Enjoy These Trailers for Eli Roth’s Hemlock Grove and Indie Comedy Ghost Team One

    • Holy crap. Literally took me multiple google searches before I realized you were talking about House of Cards, not some awesome adaptation of a DC Comics Usual Suspects spinoff I had never heard of. I need coffee.



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