The Trend Continues…..

With the start of the new year and the race for the Oscar nominations over, January rolls around with its awful movies that no one cares about.  Don’t fool yourself, Broken City looks like garbage. Then there is Gangster Squad, yet another gangster movie that no one was asking for. Granted it was originally set to be released in October (it was pushed back due to the Aurora, Colorado shooting) butstill,  I wouldn’t have picked it as a front runner for an Oscar nom. So….with any semblance of a marquee decent marquee movie on the horizon,the door is now open for a clutch of 3D movies and horror movies.  Or you can just mash those two ideas together and poop out the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D, which topped the box office this week with a gross of $23 million (ed. note: A sequel has apparently already been green-lit).  Not a ton of money by Hollywood’s standards, but with a budget of only $8 million, Lionsgate comes out as the big winner here. It more than doubled its profit.  The trend (as I’d discussed before) continues into the new year of low budget awful horror making all the profit while big budget fantasy movies (Cloud Atlas: $26 million profit, $102 million budget) go nowhere.

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