Everything That Drives You Insane in Black Ops 2, Now in Whimsical 16-bit Format

Rabbodirect has perfectly distilled the current state of BLOPS 2 multiplayer down to 63 seconds & two dimensions. I was kind of sad to let BLOPS go last week but now as I’m fully engrossed in Dishonored, I’ve almost completely forgotten about Black Ops.  And the endless times I TOTALLY KNIFED A GUY BUT SOMEHOW HE SURVIVED AND KILLED ME. Or the approx. 8,000 times I ran over a goddamn Bouncing Betty. Or my favorite, spawning spawning five times in a row underneath the enemies Lodestar (or whatever it’s called) killstreak in Nuketown. OH MY GOD SOMUCHFUN WHY DID I STOP PLAYING.


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