Reach into your Browncoat and Pull Out Your Wallet, Firefly Universe Online Needs Your Help to Keep Flying

fuoLet’s get something straight: Firefly is the greatest television show ever made.

I can safely say that because it got unjustly aborted a mere thirteen episodes into its pristine debut season. The series may have eventually run off the rails if it had gone on, but never has a show started out as consistently excellent. The only thing that comes close is the first season of The West Wing, which turned into Law & Order: White House when Aaron Sorkin left.

Even though Fox unceremoniously ditched Joss Whedon’s masterpiece, legions of diehard fans make the property plenty valuable and worth protecting. (See, e.g, Serenity.) So it was with some serious skepticism last year that I greeted news that an outfit called DarkCryo Entertainment was planning an unlicensed MMO set in the Firefly universe. Well, according to the Facebook page for Firefly Universe Online (FUO, for short), Fox has bestowed its blessing and the game will begin its Kickstarter campaign in a little over two weeks. I guess you really can’t stop the signal.

[via Massively]

7 thoughts on “Reach into your Browncoat and Pull Out Your Wallet, Firefly Universe Online Needs Your Help to Keep Flying

  1. This could not possibly look shadier.

    From the Starcraft font in their company masthead, to the questionable rights to the property, to that bizarre Circa paleo plug on their home page nothing about this project says “Trust us with your money.”


    • Yeah, at least the Fallout MMO had an arguable claim to legitimacy. This thing is such an impossible fantasy, it definitely has the feel of a scam to divest desperate fans of their nickels and dimes. And then there’s this bizarre post from the project’s FB page yesterday:

      We believe that it goes without saying that we cannot in all good conscience expect the general public to back our funding campaign in 2 weeks time after the inflammatory article at that has become viral across the Cortex.

      While Mr. Good has emailed us privately with a deep and sincere apology for his “rush to judgement”, potential backers are now left more confused than ever; and understandably so.

      Unless Mr. Good writes one amazing literary piece of art in his coming update, kickstarting the FUO MMORPG may have to be postponed indefinitely. Firefly Fans deserve some time to let all this drama sink in before being expected to make such an important financial contribution.

      I know we most certainly need an emotional break..

      That alone sounds like an attempt to bow out gracefully after a prank went too far, but who the heck knows. If it’s real, I can’t expect it’ll be any good or have anything sufficiently Firefly to satisfy fans of the show. If it’s not real, it’s a shee-niou mean thing to do.



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