I’m Jar Jar Martin, And I’ve Approved These Maps

With Game of Thrones slated to return to HBO this March for the start of its third season (which, since I work in television I am privy to SECRET TELEVISION INSIDER SECRETS, will most likely be split into two smaller seasons) and George R.R. Martin is maybe? possibly? working on book six (of maybe 7, maybe 8) A Song of Ice & Fire novels, get your Winterfell fix with this series of lush maps of Westeros and beyond, blessed by the bearded & bespectacled bard (ed. note: too much. dial it back) himself.








jar jar

If you dig the above maps, check out a fully zoomable one alongside other ASOIAF goodies. Keep in mind that these are just previews of much larger, (2 feet by 3 feet!) maps which are available in book form here, as The Lands of Ice and Fire.

Link via Flavorpill

2 thoughts on “I’m Jar Jar Martin, And I’ve Approved These Maps

  1. Did you see that GRRM had to tell two HBO producers how all the major storylines end in case he died before he finished writing the books? Seems a bit paranoid. Not like the guy has any risk factors.



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