Class Up Your Spot for $75: All of the ’80’s on One Poster

Serge Gay Jr’s submission for a show called Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads: An Art Show Inspired by 80’s Movies.80s_out_serge_gay_jr

You can pick one up at Serge’s page (but why stop at one?).

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This Week’s Comics Haul – Bindle Full of Comics

The humble bindle – a hobo’s best friend, but a terrible way to transport comics. At best they would slowly but surely develop a nasty crease; at worst they would be ravaged by the elements or used as emergency band aids/ toilet paper/ prophylactics. No no. We all know the best way to transport comics is not at all. You read them, you bag n’ board them, you file them away in a long box, and there they shall remain until the end of time or until your mother, who doesn’t understand that New York apartments don’t have a ton of storage space and she has a giant house all to herself why can’t she just keep them where they are they aren’t taking up any room besides do you want to be that Mom who throws out the box of Mickey Mantle baseball cards no good then just leave them alone they aren’t hurting anyone and no my brother’s kids can’t read them they don’t know how nor could they appreciate what exactly Chris Claremont or whomever was trying to do in that X-Men arc and besides they have grubby hands and do you want their grubby hands to be what stands between you and the good nursing home when I sell my collection and retire, asks you to move them for the thousandth time.  No, mother. The answer will always be “NO.”

Cover of the Week goes to Batman, Inc! At first I thought Damien was just embarrassed that his parents were going to make out.  But then I got what was going on. Quick on the uptake, today.
bat inc 6

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Hiatus Is Over, Suckers — Here’s What’s Up.

PS3 GAMESBlack Ops 2, Yer OutDishonored, Yer In! Far Cry 3, Yer On Deck – I’m starting the new year off right, by walking off of the field of combat (populated mostly by petulant children & quasi-adults with some serious anger issues) to pursue a solo mission of revenge in the city of Dunwall. Still, I spent a solid 96.5 hours in BLOPS multiplayer, killing my way through 8,289 of you while mastering both the Skorpion EVO submachine gun, the FAL OSW assault rifle & getting pretty damn good with throwing cooked grenades at wads of defenders in Headquarters.  See you punks next November for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 4: Future Warfare 1: Past Tense.

558938-the-walking-dead-windows-screenshot-episode-1-meeting-clementineTelltale Game’s The Walking Dead is a masterpiece – I know that Cloud & Aeris are the gold standard for heartbreaking video game character interaction, but I now submit that you substitute Lee & Clementine in their place. This game is the reason to get an iOS device (if you don’t have a 360 or PS3 to play it on). Wonderful voice acting, top notch animation, extraordinarily compelling gameplay. A must play (props to both viciouspjurahead & The Pwn Ranger for insisting I pick this up.), Season 2 – Binge watched the entire season over the New Year’s break. Three key take aways: 1) Mandy Patinkin’s beard should get the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor. 2) Damian Lewis’ mouth is too small for his face/head & it freaks me out. 3) Morgan Saylor is most likely a lovely human being but her Dana Brody is one of the worst characters on television. Let’s all pray for some kind of inter-show/inter-network wormhole wherein Dana meets The Walking Dead’s Carl, they date and one night they are exploded via a carbomb full of zombies.

ChampionChampion! Magazine – Woe is me & woe is you; what looked like the successful heir to Wizard is no more. I thought it was really going to make it to; bunch of ex-Wizard staffers, backed financially by billionaire Sam Simon (most likely procured via Ralph Cirella), gorgeous tablet based interface, affordable, plus funny & charming in the way that old schoool Wizard was. But after almost six months with no new issues, I took to Twitter to get an answer from @TheChampionFeed, who then directed me to customer service who let me in on the bad news.  They say “hiatus”, I say “What startup ever comes back from hiatus”? Up side: refund. Down side: I’d rather have a fun, clever magazine about comics.