Boldly Laugh at the Star Trek The Next Generation: Season 2 Gag Reel

Positioned prominently on the list of Things I Did Not Get For Christmas is the remastered Blu-ray box set of the second season of ST:TNG. If you haven’t heard, Paramount is re-releasing all seven seasons of the best Star Trek show ever made in glorious high definition, complete with tons of bonus features and meticulously re-rendered digital effects. (That would be enhanced original effects, not hideous Han-stepping-on-Jabba’s-tail effects.)

The set came out earlier this month but this 10-minute gag reel just hit the internets so that’s why I’m writing it up now. Also because I take great pleasure in posting anything Trek-related as part of my ongoing campaign to educate the captain of our little Starship Enterprise, ImperviousRex, who is tragically uninitiated into the wonders of Gene Roddenberry’s masterpiece. Someday I’ll write the boss man a love letter explaining all the reasons he is wrong, wrong, wrong. In the meantime, treat yourselves to some crazy outtakes: Worf smiles! Picard shimmies! Dr. Pulaski is actually somewhat likeable!

[via io9]


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