If Peeing Your Pants is Cool, Then I’m Miles Davis: Here Comes Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 is imminent; if you’ve so far avoided the playable version of Event Horizon,  you  can catch up on the story in the recap below:

I played Dead Space for the first time in my empty apartment, at night, with the lights out and the receiver & sub-woofer cranked.

That lasted for about 30 minutes.

But I came around eventually and for the most part really enjoyed the game. The body horror stuff was expertly done and creepy as all hell. The times you had to exit the ship and tromp around in the vacuum of space were serene while at the same time terrifying, because you knew that a clutch of monstrous tentacle babies might be hiding in the entrance hatch on the other side of the hull, ready to pull your spine out.  All that said, I never got around to playing DS2. A little survival horror for me goes a long way. Resident Evil 4, Dead Space…I’m good for this console generation.


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