Riddick Gets Back To His Roots September 2013

Riddick-2013-Movie-French-PosterCan you believe it’s been nine years since The Chronicles of Riddick and its hilariously named Necromonger villains shit on everything cool about 2000’s Pitch Black? Man, time flies when you’re destroying beloved cult sci-fi.

So here’s some welcome news: the third (and presumably final) Riddick film, cleverly titled Riddick, will officially be hitting the megaplex on September 6, 2013. The film, which star Vin Diesel basically willed into existence after a heroic struggle to secure financing, pits photosensitive anti-hero Richard B. Riddick against vicious bounty hunters on a sun scorched world thought to be devoid of life, but in fact teeming with hidden monsters. What does that remind me of? Oh right, a movie I would happily watch a thousand times in a row, while chewing razor blades, before wasting another second of my life on the insane ret-conned nightmare that was Chronicles.


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