Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas: Incredible New Aliens Action Figures From NECA

aliens-asstI am not an action figure enthusiast. I think they’re neat and all but I don’t really appreciate them so much as look at other people’s collections and say, “Cool.” That being said…

Dear Santa, please PLEASE bring me all three of these gorgeously carved and painted NECA Aliens collectibles so I can love them and squeeze them and reenact my favorite scenes when no one is looking. Hicks, Hudson (“I’m Hudson. He’s Hicks.”) and their pal, the xenomorph, all measure in at more than seven inches tall with 30+ points of articulation, which sounds to me like a lot.

My only gripe: no Vasquez. Without her, we’re in some real pretty shit now, man.

[Via Dread Central]


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