Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas: Incredible New Aliens Action Figures From NECA

aliens-asstI am not an action figure enthusiast. I think they’re neat and all but I don’t really appreciate them so much as look at other people’s collections and say, “Cool.” That being said…

Dear Santa, please PLEASE bring me all three of these gorgeously carved and painted NECA Aliens collectibles so I can love them and squeeze them and reenact my favorite scenes when no one is looking. Hicks, Hudson (“I’m Hudson. He’s Hicks.”) and their pal, the xenomorph, all measure in at more than seven inches tall with 30+ points of articulation, which sounds to me like a lot.

My only gripe: no Vasquez. Without her, we’re in some real pretty shit now, man.

[Via Dread Central]

Stop Motion Goodness: The 90’s X-Men Cartoon Intro

I think the only show I was more obsessed with (at least in the comic realm) was the arguably better Batman: The Animated Series. Quick aside: Because I was as the bowling alley on Saturday mornings (bowling league, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat) I had to learn to program my family’s clunky VCR to record X-Men, otherwise I never would’ve been able to catch it. This skill helped me win a Sega Game Gear from a television station in Philadelphia. More on this later though.

(link via Gizmodo)

Riddick Gets Back To His Roots September 2013

Riddick-2013-Movie-French-PosterCan you believe it’s been nine years since The Chronicles of Riddick and its hilariously named Necromonger villains shit on everything cool about 2000’s Pitch Black? Man, time flies when you’re destroying beloved cult sci-fi.

So here’s some welcome news: the third (and presumably final) Riddick film, cleverly titled Riddick, will officially be hitting the megaplex on September 6, 2013. The film, which star Vin Diesel basically willed into existence after a heroic struggle to secure financing, pits photosensitive anti-hero Richard B. Riddick against vicious bounty hunters on a sun scorched world thought to be devoid of life, but in fact teeming with hidden monsters. What does that remind me of? Oh right, a movie I would happily watch a thousand times in a row, while chewing razor blades, before wasting another second of my life on the insane ret-conned nightmare that was Chronicles.

Get In The Spirit With A Very Walking Dead Christmas

Christmas-themed Walking Dead parody? Holy fuck, it’s a holiday miracle! Best part is the dude who nails Rick’s horrendous suuuuuthun accent and drama class hand gestures. Also enjoyed the Governor demanding to be let in on the Secret Santa action. “Ahhhll dahhh before ah let that heppen!”