“Spacewar! Video Games Blast Off” Exhibit Lets You Get Some Culture and Blast It

spacewar-detail-mainDo you live within driving/flying/teleporting distance of NYC? Do you like video games? Then you need to get on over to the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria. Through March 2013, MMI is hosting a very impressive exhibit showcasing the 100% playable history of the sci-fi shooter genre.

Visitors get tokens with their admission fee and have the option to purchase more so they can rock out at original Asteroids, Space Invaders, Defender and Star Wars arcade cabinets. Whippersnappers lacking respect for their elders are welcome to plunk down their coin for a few rounds of Portal and Halo 4, but the nostalgic will find more to enjoy in console classics like Battlezone, Metroid II and Star Fox.

The centerpiece of the show is a faithful, fully functional model of the Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-1 computer, on which in 1962 enterprising MIT “hackers” created  the granddaddy of all sci-fi shooters: Spacewar! I absolutely plan to spend my visit parked in front of that circular screen, mastering the use of the sun’s gravitational pull to gain the advantage over enemy ships. Art is awesome.

[via NYT]


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