Butcher Billy Strikes Again with The Smiths 8-Bit Makeover Project

Just days after stumbling over Butcher Billy’s Clockwork Orange Babies he returns with the incredibleSmiths 8-bit Makeover Project..
fb821c2bfe1f01b854edabbec8db0a9bYou should definitely be following dude over at beHance.



Happy Friday: White House Petition Guarantees Death Star Will Be Built

Death-Star1Now that this petition on whitehouse.gov has gathered the requisite 25,000 signatures, there is simply no other possible outcome. Once Congress realizes the impact the moon-size space superiority platform will have on our economy, senators will be climbing over each other to be the first to vote yay. Construction jobs alone will pull us out of the recession. If only the world could produce a sufficient amount of steel in less than 800,000 years.

I did notice one flaw though: the petition fails to ensure said Death Star is built without a giant exhaust tube leading straight to the reactor system.


[Via NBC, Kotaku and pretty much everywhere else.]

Game of Thrones Meets The Rest of Pop Culture, House Flags Result

Lokiable over at deviantART puree’d the concept of Game of Thrones-style House banners & mottos, mixed in various comic, fantasy, sci-fi and pop culture ingredients to chef the following: irresistibly cool pieces of art that should be posters that I could thenuse to wallpaper my Den of Solitude. You can keep your human interactions, I just want to stare at these all day whilst shouting at the top of my lungs at the television as I am massacred endlessly in Nuketown 2025.