Only Kind of Tardy: Teaser Poster for The Wolverine

I also tweeted a link earlier to the “motion poster” (which you would know if you followed me on Twitter. Just sayin’) that was just released today for The Wolverine.
I’m really trying not to have ANY hopes about this movie, as the first one was just pure dreck. Just hands down one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, comic book or no (and I’ve seen Elektra). The Deadpool debacle at the end of the movie was hard to process; how did anyone who professes to love the character agree to go through with it (Reynolds, I’m looking at you). Also, wasn’t in the movie? Ugh, I’m getting douche chills just thinking about it.

Pacific Rim Trailer Splashes Down

Here’s Guillermo del Toro proving the old adage: when it comes to monsters and robots, there’s no such thing as “too big”. Like pretty much every sci-fi trailer from the last few years there’s a heavy dose of the Inception horn blast here, but in this case I think we can all agree it’s warranted. My favorite line is Stringer Bell screaming, “Today we are cancelling the apocalypse!”