This Week’s Comics Haul: It’s 12/12/12, Time To Buy ALL The Comics

batman 15 doc man 3 rorsch 3 walking dead 105 The-Amazing-Spider-Man_699point1 xforce 1 ff 2 iron man 4 a_a_5 bloodshot 6 b_r_15















































COVER OF THE WEEK has to be Batman & Robin 15, Greg Capullo’s homage to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, right? Though the Before Watchmen: Rorschach cover by Lee Bermejo is also mighty impressive.

Bit of a nostalgia trip this week too, with Gilad, The Eternal Warrior showing up in Archer & Armstrong #5 and the reformation of X-Force with Cable as leader, with the required Liefled-esque big guns & bigger shoulder pads. POUCHES EVERYWHERE!


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