HBO Adapting American Gods, Adam Losing His Shit

American_godsYou kids these days. You don’t know how good you have it.

In my day, television was a wasteland. L.A. Law and Murder She Wrote were the best dramas we had. Golden Girls and Roseanne were the only comedies worth a damn. Reruns of M.A.S.H. and The Cosby Show were a viable alternative to pretty much anything new on television. The most popular shows were Growing Pains and Who’s the Boss. GROWING PAINS. 

But now? Now you have your Mad Men and your Homeland and your Game of Thrones and still all you do is complain. Fine, says HBO, you want more? How about if we take Neil Gaiman’s sweeping re-imagining of mythological beings set in the modern world and turn it into an epic series? Will that slake your insatiable thirst for high quality entertainment, you ravenous little fiends?

I would have murdered your entire generation for a few seasons of 30 Rock back in the day. Instead I’m stuck fondly remembering that Small Wonder was filmed before a live studio audience.

[Via Dread Central]

3 thoughts on “HBO Adapting American Gods, Adam Losing His Shit

  1. You go to ONE all day meeting and this is what you miss. Good news. Great news, in fact. Though I’m still waiting for the Ron Howard/ Javier Bardem film & television Dark Tower series to happen…


  2. Marion, don’t look at it….Shut your eyes, Marion, don’t look at it no matter what happens!
    I’m covering myself in brown sugar and back issues of “Marvel Two-in-One” to shield myself from the Tsunami of Inevitable Disappointment that shall drown the Eager Throngs. *sigh* H



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