Minamalist DC Universe

Whoa, check out Adam Thompson! In addition to crafting some very elegant minimalist posters for the DC Universe, he’s got a whole suite of really clever art over at Behance. I’m not into telling people what to do. But maybe you want to pop over there and take a look? Maybe find something you like? Now you have a new wallpaper? Could be?

(Link via Comics Alliance)

3 thoughts on “Minamalist DC Universe

  1. These are too cool. I now have them bookmarked in with some of my fave Penny Arcade prints and some 50’s sci-fi-esque prints by Ryan Heshka. All under the folder Future Dork Decoration. For when I have that kind of disposable income.


  2. I vaguely recall Disposable Income. I believe it was sucked irretrievably into the vortex of professional grade wrestling belts, VHS tapes of Every Mixed Martial Arts Event Unleashed Upon the World Between 1993-2005 (UFC – WVC – IVC – Pride – KOTC, etc.), and Coffee Sandwiches. My Twenties were subsequently dragged underground by a Graboid the size of Paramus, NJ.



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