Panel Picks – Nelson Muntz Invades The Marvel Universe, Can’t Quite Get it Done

Pages & panels from last week’s comics that caught my attention. They did not, however, make me put two fingers to my chin, cock my head to the side and say, “Hmmm.” No matter what a Music Factory, C+C or otherwise, would have you believe.
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The Mad Thinker attempts to calculate The Hulk’s strength and gets a fairly nasty shock. That’s what you get for trying to do math, nerdlinger.

Oh Clint Barton, you rapscallion!

Now this is dumb. Where to begin. Ok, so Kid Apocalypse gains full mount on Sabretooth and proceeds with some Mark Kerr-style ground n’ pound (minus the headbutting) when Wolverine gently places a gloved hand upon KA’s shoulder for an after-school style talking to. Between those two panels, somehow Sabretooth ESCAPES and runs away, but not before leaving them with some weird ’30’s hobo rant about how he got what he wanted & “I likes it”, which he then tops off with a hearty dose of HAR! HAR!. So apparently on top of being able to just phase through the reincarnation of an ancient death mutant that’s sitting on his chest, ol’ Victor Creed has resorted to a old-timey villain twisting-of-moustaches as he flees? I don’t buy it. No sir.

Tinfoil hats are never not funny. Especially when pro-offered by a flying fat woman. Harbinger continues to draw me in, but according to the sales numbers, I may be one of the remaining few.

Ha ha Tony Stark is a dick.

Not sure what I like more about this panel: the Beta Ray Bill doll or the fact that the (immortal?) six year old breaks down then dismisses super-hero comics in one word bubble and a subsequent eye-roll directed at Sif, the moron.

So Daredevil’s taken a fairly dark turn. You have the Spot (now Coyote…or is he) using his weirdo Spot powers to store infinite cocaine in the stomachs of pregnant ladies…

…while also stocking his pantry with an assortment of decapitated (but still alive!) heads…

..while a headless DD finds the ACTUAL Spot strung up in some sort of portal, with wires & cable running through him hither & yon. What, exactly, is Mark Waid up to? Besides giving me both the heebies AND the jeebies?

Panel of the Week! Why isn’t there a sound effect here?! I image it would be something like “ker-splOOOOSH.” Don’t worry, Deadpool fans, that elephants gets his, Thomas Edison style.

One thought on “Panel Picks – Nelson Muntz Invades The Marvel Universe, Can’t Quite Get it Done

  1. Hey, Thinker, hand over your supervillain membership card (and your PinkBerry card,too) so I can tear it to orts of Ant-Man in your wuh-wuh-wacky face…”it’s incalculable”…great day in the morning, that’s not right…



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