Check out the New ‘Bad Kids Go To Hell’ Trailer, Now SFW!

Based on the popular graphic novel by Matthew Spradlin, Bad Kids Go To Hell follows a bunch of high schoolers stuck in detention who unwittingly call down the supernatural thunder. It’s pretty similar to what I expected from the movie Detention, except with ghosts instead of slashers. (If you haven’t seen Detention, I highly recommend it. It’s definitely not what I thought it would be.)

Bad Kids looks to be quite  a lot of fun. It generated some decent buzz at last year’s Comic-Con, so I’m optimistic. The appearance of a green band trailer on the internet means this thing might actually get some exposure in front of mainstream movies, so somebody somewhere believes it has legs.

Bad Kids Go To Hell hits theaters in limited release  December 7.

3 thoughts on “Check out the New ‘Bad Kids Go To Hell’ Trailer, Now SFW!

  1. Yeah dude, I can’t wait. The novel was super imaginative and way fun. It was released in serial format as a free online publication over the course of a few years so the story is a bit of a mess but I hear the film version tidies everything up nicely. It’s already generating great buzz so I definitely sense a field trip. Plus, Paul Giamatti!



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