With a Jolt, My Mind Awakens…Chapter Twenty: Wilford Brimley’s Stomach is the Warmest Place to Hide…

Sprayshot me thirty-six hues of Way Out There, Daddy-O, but….

Am I the only ant in the colony who found 1982’s “The Thing” and the 2011 prequel to be…comforting? Relief. Frozen-breathed, lumberjack-bearded, flame-throwin’, Brimley-fryin’, canine-assimilatin’, run-like-tomorrow’s-a-gamble relief.

By the by, as of this morning, the Bad Religion song count on the Zune is OH-ficially 312. Huzzah!

From the archives… G.I. Joe #21 – One of the Most Economically Prudent Usages of Two Quarters and a Dime in my Misanthropic Existence:


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