Makeup and Effects Maestro Rick Baker Gets His Star

Surprised he didn’t already have one? Me too. It probably has nothing to do with him not being famous enough. The nomination process is way mysterious/arbitrary and receiving the honor involves paying a hefty fee to have the star installed, which is like winning an Academy Award and getting billed for the trophy.

Either way, the creator of the marvelous effects in An American Werewolf in London, Thriller, Star Wars, Men in Black and so many others is finally getting his. No matter how meaningless a star on the Walk of Fame may be, it’s always good to see mainstream recognition for such an obscure, unheralded genre personality.

I hope they put it next to Stan Winston’s.

The Last Exorcism: Part II. Seriously?

You can’t pluralize Lone Ranger, you idiots!

Look, the first Last Exorcism (!) was surprisingly delightful despite an unnecessary use of the found-footage style and a tragically unqualified leading lady. But the two best parts of that movie – Patrick Fabian and Caleb Landry Jones – are apparently absent from the sequel. Instead we get more of dull, 40-year-old (possible exaggeration) Ashley Bell doing spooky eyes and contorting her body as demonically possessed teenager Nell Sweetzer, whose name is so country it hurts me.

Anyway, CBS Films just put out a press release saying it’s coming out March 1, 2013, so get excited. For the last time. Again.

(via Dread Central)

New ABCs of Death Redband Trailer is Not an Appropriate Learning Tool for Your Child

But it does look utterly fantastic. 26 directors present “26 ways to die” in this highly anticipated upcoming horror anthology. Giant robots, samurai, dog boxing, sadistic human-animal hybrids…yeah, color me excited. The ABCs of Death will be available on VOD platforms January 31, 2013 and theaters March 8. P is for popcorn. And psychopaths.