Trent Reznor’s Black Ops II Theme


3 thoughts on “Trent Reznor’s Black Ops II Theme

  1. Have you read the Kotaku review of BlopsII? It is an atrocity. It reads like a sophomore-year personal narrative.

    I am all for video game reviews that go beyond GFX, sound, gameplay, score, but at some point during a review you should still address the actual GAME itself rather than how you felt when Saddam Huessein was killed.

    Also check out these awesome highlights:

    – Your choices matter, and can affect the outcome of the story.

    – Black Ops II’s triumph is found in how it assembles modern-day issues, ultimately making it impossible not to feel like I was staring into the mirror of my society.

    -I also say the ideas in Black Ops II are the most interesting part of the title even though the game features some of the biggest changes to the franchise in years.

    -The plot is sometimes confusing or unclear, and eventually I found myself not caring about it anymore.

    So the game is simultaneously a brilliant social commentary and sprawling narrative quagmire.



    • THE IDEAS ARE THE MOST INTERESTING PART. Does that actually mean anything? And does the review make you miss those sophomore-year personal narratives?

      Also, I am super thrilled with the BLOPS acronym. Sounds like an intestinal disorder.



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