This Week’s Comics Haul: 0% Comics, 110% Rum

Sooooo… How’s it going? Updates have been a little sparse around here (minus the excellent posts from Adam & his 31 Flavor of Terror posts) due to my recent nuptials and Escape From New York scenario this past weekend. Never fear, I made it out before another hurricane could ruin another vacation.

I’ve barely been on the Internet since last Friday (now that’s real terror) and have absolutely no idea what’s going on. Well,two points made it through the all-you-drink-alcohol haze: GTA V got a release date & Disney bought LucasFilm (Star Wars/Avengers mash up here we come).

If you feel like doing me a solid, drop me a note in the comments about one or two interesting things that’ve happened in the video game/ comic book realm these past few days. I dread opening my RSS reader at this point in time; I anticipate at least 6000 items. (Maybe over 9000!?!)