31 Flavors of Terror

A few weeks ago I said Dead [noun] was the most generic possible name for a zombie movie. I stand corrected. Hats off to The Dead for coming within one three-letter word of whittling its title down to irreducible, subatomic simplicity. So close!

My greatest hope for movies with common names like The Dead is that somewhere in the American midwest, some confused retiree was super excited for a night of box wine and John Huston movies, but instead wound up watching flesh-eating tribesmen getting decapitated. My stars, I never knew James Joyce was so violent!

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Fire Up The Chainsaw, The Evil Dead Redband Trailer Has Landed

And holy shitballs does it look GRAPHIC. Now, Sam Raimi wrote the screenplay and Bruce Campbell himself stood up at Comic-Con and said fans would be thrilled. Still I’m a little skeptical. Possibly the smartest move they’ve made so far (other than displaying absolutely insane amounts of gore in the trailer) is not naming any of the characters Ash. I’m even wondering if they’ll make some quip about a bunch of college kids who came to that very same cabin back in the 80s and were never heard from again.

I have my doubts about newbie director Fede Alvarez (please, PLEASE don’t be another Alexandre Aja) but I’m gonna go out on a limb and make two predictions: this movie will be good and it will make many unsuspecting ladies (and gents) regret letting their horror aficionado dates pick the movie.

This Week’s Comics Haul: Slim Pickins’

Random Thoughts:

Cover of the Week clearly goes to ASM #694;  in the costume department I’ll always pick the Hobgoblin as the superior Goblin.

– I’m NOT buying A-Babies vs. X-Babies #1. (…I’m probably going to buy it. Sigh)

– Does Journey into Mystery get cancelled after this issue? Don’t g,o Kid Loki!

– Really jonesin’ for some new Double Barrel