Panel Picks: On Target

Whatever happens in the epilogue to Everything Burns, I’m glad to see that the humor & style from Journey into Mystery is transferring over to Young Avengers. (From Marvel Now Point One #1)All Hawkeye wants is tape to label his arrows with. So how do he & Lil’ Clint end up dodging bullets? (From Hawkeye #3)

Super smell probably comes in handy in many places & many situations; stakeouts in New Jersey are probably not one of them. Besides, does the clothespin trick really work? COME ON MARVEL COMICS LETS GET REAL.(from Daredevil #19)

I need a set of Kid Loki playing cards (from The Mighty Thor #21).

31 Flavors of Terror

Today was supposed to be Retreat, which my legions of devoted fans will recall I tried to catch in theaters last year, only to discover it wasn’t getting a New York premiere. This year I fared no better. The disc I got from Netflix was so damaged my player had to skip most of two chapters right in the middle of the movie. What I saw seemed like a fascinating thought experiment and I was much enamored of the performances of the principal cast, especially Jamie Bell. But I came away with the sense that something was keeping me from getting as invested in the story as I might have been. Since it’s possible that something was in one of the missing scenes, I decided I couldn’t include it on my list. So instead of a serious drama set against a possible global pandemic, you’re getting Night of…

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Trailer Park: Iron Man 3

Initial thoughts:
– I like that they are clearly referencing the events from The Avengers. Clever further reinforcement of a cohesive universe.
– Curious to see how they work The Iron Patriot into the mix.
I don’t like that towards the end it seemed to get a bit Michael Bay-ish/Transformer-y.