Remember Bioshock Infinte?

Good for you, because I’d pretty much forgotten about it.  Set to launch in Q4 ’12, Irrational Games delayed the game until sometime in 2013 (ed.note: February 26, 2013 to be exact. Nice research skills pal.)  for extra polish & what-not.  It’s been pretty quiet on the trailer front for the game as well, so it was a nice surprise to see a new trailer hiding in my RSS feed today.  So enough blathering, check out The Bioshock Infinite “Beast of America” trailer below:


With a Jolt, My Mind Awakens…Chapter Sixteen: Dreadnok Sensei Overdrive

Today was not pedestrian.

The natives were cavorting without recognition of Third World Turmoil.

The Presidential debates had shifted into High Grade Maudlin Disaster.

The Superfriends ate my hot peppers. I was reminded, nightmarishly, of years 1983-1994.

I don’t need to endure this horsesh*t.

It’s time to addle the masses…


31 Flavors of Terror

This year I’ve been too busy to watch much football, which has severely damaged my fantasy football performance. I play in three or four leagues every year and I usually finish near the top of all of them. Right now I’m 3-3 in all my leagues, and really I shouldn’t even be doing that well. Not watching my customary fifteen hours of football a week leaves me completely clueless about who to start or pick up on waivers. Example: the two weeks I benched Chris Johnson, he rushed for 230 yards. The other four weeks I started him he totaled 70. Also, I drafted Chris Johnson.

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Upscale French Nerd Bars, Brooklyn Geek Burgers, AvP Origins, Lovecraftian Space Exploration: Weekend links Have Arrived!

– You like Star Wars?  You like BOOZE? You like…nevermind, of course you do.  Too bad you have to travel to Paris to check out  Dernier Bar Avant La Fin Du Monde (“Last Bar Before the End of the World”), the geekiest bar in The WOOOOOOOORLD. But sans any spare cash, you can always check out their Flickr feed.

-Speaking of eateries that cater to particular tastes: if you live in/near NYC, you can visit Action Burger in Brooklyn. What’s Action Burger’s deal? According to their (terrible; c’mon guys get it together) website:

Action Burger Inc. is owned by Steve Bala (creator, comic book & G.I. Joe guru, action figure collector).  Action Burger is now open and making deliveries, Action Burger will be a family place to eat good food, talk about/debate comics or super heroes, learn the history of comics, play old school video games, watch super hero movies & cartoons. Action burger is about constant change (displays and wall comics will change every few months), eating good food and having a wonderful experience at our restaurants. These days restaurants don’t provide an interactive experience and exciting environment.  They provide food, but missing on exotic displays and friendly conversations.  Come in and debate your favorite super hero with Steve or other customers. Bring your kids to learn and experience the history of comics/action figures & sci-fi movies/cartoons from the 50s-00s. Come by and eat a villian or super hero burger, start up a conversation with owner Steve.  Ask him any question about comics while you wait or eat your food.

– Switching topics, hints about the next Dragon Age alongside some art have been spilling out this weekend.  Check out some of the art below:


– The eternal Aliens v. Predator feud apparently started in the nursery.

What if H.P. Lovecraft had written the Fantastic Four (and would it be better than Warren Ellis’ take in Planetary?) posits Mike Sterling. (via Kotaku)