31 Flavors of Terror

Between the blog and work and getting the munchkin to the Petri dish that is daycare, it appears I’m getting a little forgetful. The other day I went to the library and accidentally checked out a book I’d already read. I didn’t notice until I started reading it on the train to work. To make matters worse, my phone battery was completely dead because I left my only charger at work. (Fucking non-backwards compatible iPhone 5 plug. What the shit.)

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Trailer Park: If It’s Assassin’s Creed THREE, Why Have There Been FIVE Console Games?

Dude, I don’t know. Math I guess. BUT! This trailer will get you caught up if you’re in the dark as to who this guy in the white hoodie is & why he’s so insistent on parkouring all over the place while stabbing everyone. Also, why does he seem to be a time traveler? Answers below chief.