31 Flavors of Terror

Seriously guys, you do not know how close you just came to reading a thousand words on Werewolf: The Beast Among Us. Monster movies that go straight to DVD aren’t generally very good, but someone I respect said this one was interesting so I figured I’d give it a shot. I’m still hoping to include a decent werewolf movie this year but holy shit this was not it. I got about 15 minutes in and pulled the plug, which took some willpower because it was already way past my bedtime.

The funny thing is a lot of it looked cool. Thanks to Universal’s deep pockets, the creature effects were solid and the exterior locations were flat out gorgeous. You know what got me? The firearms. The movie is set in the 1800s but the main character carries what is unmistakably a huge, double-action .44 magnum (basically a silver version of

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