FIFA 13 Career Mode, Episode 1

What a start for Napoleon (ed note: Who? Follow from the beginning here)! But Napoleon will be the first one to tell you that it’s not how you start it’s how you finish.  With a miniscule budget of only 1.5 million Euros, AC Ajcaccio are so far undefeated 3 games into the season.  After various attempts at signing some low-level prospects in hopes of bolstering up his team, Napoleon was forced to stay with his current squad and work with what he had.  What’s he have? Not what, but who: an unhappy striker name Andrei Murgu.  He is a Romanian born talent who has jumped all around Serie A before landing with Ajaccio prior to the 2012 season.  Napoleon thought it would be best to unload some aging talent in hopes  of acquiring younger players for the future.  This upset the 33-year-old striker and although his form is OK he is not the happiest as the season gets underway.  Having recapped the major storylines so far let’s get to the action.  Followed by each game summary will be a short (unfortunately really short) video of the goal highlight.  Since EA only allows 5 videos at a time these will be available until the next update.

GAME 1 – Ajaccio pull away with a narrow 1-0 victory over OGC Nice after a nice right footed shot from the right side of the box by the Mali native Sigamary Diarra. ACA 1 – OGC 0

GAME 2 – Sigamary Diarra scores early to put Ajaccio on the board.  What looks like to be huge early upset and a nice statement game for Ajaccio, PSG silence the home crowd with a late goal by Guillaume Hoarau in the final minutes to tie the game at 1-1.  Both teams go home with a point but Napoleon is surely disappointed knowing that he was minutes away from going home with all three points. ACA 1 – PSG 1

GAME 3 – A thrilling game where Ajaccio answered each time Evian scored. The final goal being a killer left footed shot in the upper 90’s by Frederic Sammaritano.  With a final score of 2-2 Ajaccio remain undefeated in the opening three games of the season and currently rank 5th.  ACA 2 – ETG 2

Coming up on the Ajaccio schedule is an away game at Valenciennes FC followed by the opening round of the Coupe de Ligue, which is a knockout tournament involving the top three tiers of French football. The first opponents are Toulouse FC.  Be sure to check back next week for all the latest updates as Napoleon tries to avoid relegation and keep Ajaccio in a tight battle for the Ligue 1 crown.

Panel Picks: Lazy Man/Dry Run Edition

Going to try out a potential new weekly feature here at Modern Borefare called: Panel Picks! I’ll be selecting interesting/bizarre/unique/stupefying/adjective panels & pages from that week’s comics to showcase, ridicule, admire, turn into a Bob Ross wet-on-wet oil painting.  I’ve been kicking this idea around for a few weeks, hence  me clearing out a bit of the backlog below.  Check it out and drop a line in the comments!

Wonder Man dispatches Rulk with the much-feared Million Dollar Dream (Uncanny Avengers #1)

really shoehorning that imagery in there (Before Watchmen: Comedian #3)

incredible, really

(Uncanny X-Men#19)

(L to R: Animal Man #13, Defenders #10, Batman #13)
(L to R: Uncanny Avengers #1)
(L to R: Wolverine and the X-Men #18, Uncanny Avengers #1, Gambit #2)
(L to R: Gambit #2, AvX #6)

31 Flavors of Terror

Why do we not take more pride in climate change? Humanity should brag about that shit. Our power is so great, we can override enormously complex worldwide weather systems because we feel like it. Do you realize how much natural inertia you have to overcome to affect a mass that big? It’s like pantsing Unicron. Humans RULE.

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This Week’s Comics Haul – Nah Nah Naaaaah Gonna’ Have a Good Time

Bonus The Walking Dead 103 variant cover by Chris Giarrusso!

Picks this week:

Wonder Woman #13

Chew #29

The Walking Dead #103

Daredevil #19 (Cover of the Week)

Hawkeye #3

The Mighty Thor #21

Harbinger #5 (ok, also  Cover of the Week)

X-O Manowar #6

Random Thoughts

– “Everything Burns” wraps up this week, convienently to coincide with the launch of the much maligned (by me) Marvel NOW. Here’s hoping for an adequate payoff for such a buildup.

– Valiant stuff keeps getting better; I had the chance to talk with a couple of Valiant execs at NYCC and even though I may have come off like a fawning, sweaty fanboy (like all fanboys, ever) they were generally very enthused to hear from me and talk about the future (a little bit) & direction they were headed.  Confirmed that Turok, Solar & Magnus were probably lost and gone forever, but the rest of the cast & crew of Valiant will be showing up with increasing frequency over the course of the next 18 months.  I asked them about Rai and was told, “Just wait, we’ve got big plans for Rai.”

– How ’bout that Daredevil cover? Wow.

– Depending on what happens in Wonder Woman, I may drop the book.

– I love Double Barrel. Go & investigate!