The Illuminated Star Wars, For the Conflicted Medievalist/Science Fiction Fan

These panels are infinitely more preferable to Star Wars episodes I – III. Also, I think Jar Jar here represents the source of intergalactic evil & buffoonery.

31 Flavors of Terror

My wife is awesome.

I love spooky movies filled with big, nasty scares and blood-chilling shocks, even though I literally tremble with dread every time I know one is coming. Startling us is one of the few ways external stimuli can reliably override our intellectual responses and force us to react in a certain way. Being scared is like being briefly in the power of a terrible magic, made pleasurable only because you know it will soon pass. I do everything I can to maximize the impact of scary movies. I always try to watch them alone, at night, and with the lights off. A drink or two doesn’t hurt.

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Trailer Park: Call of Duty Elite Now FREE for Black Ops 2 (plays “Fixin’ To Die Rag”)

Anyone else get suckered into paying $99 for Elite for Modern Warfare 3? The free DLC was nice but I think I went into panic mode and just paid for Elite so I wouldn’t miss out on the exclusive badge & callsign. Which, all in all, may be the dumbest reason to pay $100 for anything. Speaking of the DLC, by the time it drops (for us PS3 scrubs) I’ve already moved on from playing CoD. I think I picked up the first two or three content drops for MW3 and played them for a week or two.  I haven’t been back.  Maybe this year will be different? Maybe BO2 will offer something so compelling that I just have to keep playing it. But as of now? Doubtful.

Lastly, does anyone else find the actual Elite site incredibly hard to navigate? You sign in, but you’re not actually signed in to Elite, then when you sign into Elite you then have to sign into Activision…I just tried to access my account for the first time in months and I have zero idea where any of my info is.  Sweet design bro’s!! I would try to share my stats with you, but that’s apparently unpossible to do with Elite. GAH. So I guess we do this the hard way: if you’re interested, head over to COD Elite  nope, apparently you can’t do that either.  Coolcoolcool.  How about this? If you’re on Elite, check me out, my player name is Savage6000 (I hadn’t yet settled on the IR name when I’d set up my PSN account 6 or so years ago and apparently you can’t change it.) and I’m wicked good with a P90 or a Type 95.