New York Comic Con 2012 Day Two – Cosplayers Come Out At Night (During the Day Too)

New York Comic Con ’12 day two has come and gone and all I have to show for it is A TON OF SUPER SWEET POSTERS & T-SHIRTS OHMYGOD.

The day started with a beeline to the Capcom booth, where they had a limited number of Infinity Gauntlet-inspired posters to commemorate the release of Marvel vs. Capcom Origins.  Trick was: to snag the poster you had to play the demo. I was in line several times on Thursday to do just that but kept running off to pick something else up.  But the time I actually got to play the demo ( the line was suspiciously non-existent at 6pm on Thursday) they had run out of posters. DON’T WORRY; I got there early enough to score the poster as well as a cool Okami HD and a Darkstalkers Resurrection poster signed by the artist.

From there it was a straight shot back to the Mondo booth. Thursday evening when I stopped by, they had one of about 15 posters revealed (it was for Phantasm). I asked the guy manning the booth when the rest would be revealed and he said ” probably 3 a day for the rest of the con”.  Kind of disappointing, but whatever, it’s his deal.  But when I randomly checked their Twitter feed this morning they had apparently reversed course and dropped everything  at 10am on Friday! Maybe they had to beat a hasty retreat? Anyway, for sale they had a regular edition & a limited con edition of the following posters: Iron Giant, Shaun of the Dead, Foghorn Leghorn, an Ent, Beatrix Kiddo. They also had the Phantasm poster, a pretty sweet Friday the 13th joint, a cool shot of Mordor and a something from an Italian horror movie called City of the Living Dead.

After waiting in line for about 45 minutes (they, along with everyone else in the convention center, was having issues with the super expensive & super spotty wifi) I was able to order and scoop up the last Shaun of the Dead New York Comic Con ’12 variant. WoO-HoO! I also grabbed the City of the Living Dead poster ’cause I panicked.

From there? Meandering and snapping shots of some the really amazing cosplayers that were roaming about. Took in the AMC Comic Book Men panel (scored a ticket at work) where even though it was supposed to be about the guys on the show, Kevin Smith turned it into the Kevin Smith show.  But you kind of had to know that going in.  Plus, no matter how comfortable your shoes are, you’re going to want to sit down after 5 hours of walking the floor.

Had to head back to Rawrs and pick up another shirt (photos coming in the posters post) as well the Kellogg’s booth for free “cereal” (it’s Cap’n Crunch filled with chocolate! That’s not breakfast!!). I also ate a giant box of Nerds & a fistful of Hi-Chews that I managed to score from their respective booth.

Out in Artists Alley, I had the chance to talk with Lee Weeks. I was friends with a nephew of Lee’s early on in middle school and at one point Lee came in to town for a convention or a signing or something at a local shop in my area.  He took both his nephew and myself along with him to the shop where I was able to pick up the firs three issues of The Infinity Gauntlet at a substantial discount.  Great experience, both then and today; it was really tremendous to speak with him again.

At that point, we’d been at NYCC for about 6 hours & we’d just about seen it all (I had definitely seen it all if you factored int he 5 hours from the previous day) so we headed out to find beer and food (Pony Bar on 44th & 10th is the place to go!).

I’m going back tomorrow with more of a targeted mission: a) pick up t-shirts for my nephews b) hit the Comixology booth to chat c) head back over to Lee Weeks’ booth. Thursday was crowded & today was packed; I can only imagine what tomorrow will like.  Oof. Enjoy the cosplayer photos below!

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3 thoughts on “New York Comic Con 2012 Day Two – Cosplayers Come Out At Night (During the Day Too)

  1. Joe, this is Mike, Lee’s nephew. He told me he talked to you and gave me this link. It would be good to talk to you again. I used my wifes email to leave this reply. You can find me on facebook too. If you have questions just contact lee, he can give my cell number or something. I was there sat, would have been good to run into you. hope to hear from you.


    • Hey Mike! Good to hear from you! I looked for you on FB but there are a number of Mike DeMatteo’s on there; add me if you get a chance. I was planning on sticking around longer on Saturday to try and run into you but I ended up only stopping in for a few minutes before I had to go back to work.


      • Hey Joe. I tried to find you on facebook and didn’ know how to spell it. Can you email my wife the spelling?



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