New York Comic Con 2012, Day One: My Dogs Are BARKIN’!

WHOOOOOOOOoooooooooo!!! New York Comic Con ’12 day one is a wrap! Important note: wear layers & comfortable shoes. Like, real comfortable shoes. Moon boots full of & soled by marshmallows!

After two professional panels this afternoon, I got to take part in everyone’s favorite con activity:  waiting in line! Luckily that moved pretty quickly and I hit the con floor at 3:05, swag-grabbing powers activated.

One of the first booths I hit was Rawrs (booth #3115; stop by and buy something!); last year I made the mistake of seeing a shirt on Thursday and waiting until Friday to try to buy it; whoops! Sold out. Never say I’m not a quick study, as I picked up an awesome shirt & am going back tomorrow for more.

Then? Then I just, like…wandered, man. I did do that thing where I stopped in the middle of an intersection, spread my arms & spun around in a slow circle while a camera above me spun in the opposite direction.

Some of the cool people and things I met/saw on day one:

Justin Peterson, creator/writer/artist of Very Near MintPicked up vol.1 today and plan on reading it tonight.  If it’s good (and it seems awesome), I’m going to pick up the other three volumes tomorrow.

– The gentlemen from OnTarget Network. Super cool and if you stop by their booth, you can draw on their table!  I didn’t, because stick figures are difficult for me to manage. Check them out if you’re trying to get a foothold in digital comics. One of their artists, Jack Ciolli, has a whole slate of art up on deviantArt. Investigate!

– You like metal, right? OF COURSE YOU LIKE METAL. And since you’re here, you like comics & pop culture. Then I’ve got a store for you: METAL MACHINE ENTERTAINMENT. Their tag line? “Where Heavy Metal and Pop Culture Meet”. And Ismael, their president, is a top-notch fella.  Stop by their booth and say  “Modern Borefare sent you!” (bonus points if your eyes & tongue bulge out and terrify 6-year old me).

– Talked to a gentleman at the GeekFest Rants booth. Seems like a great podcast; I’ve subscribed.  Check it out, maybe you should to?

I also ate a bulgogi hot dog &  a mystery empanada. That’s a wrap on day one; come back tomorrow for more news on day two a.k.a. The First Day It Gets REAL Crazy in the Javits Center.

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P.S. SHOCK OF ALL SHOCKS: AT&T ACTUALLY WORKED in the Javits Center! For the first time for me in two years and as far as I know for the first time ever! AT&T LTE is NO JOKE.

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The Man With the Iron Wallet a.k.a. Off to New York Comic Con

Heading to New York Comic Con in a few minutes to RUN AMOK amongst all the glitz, glamour & grime of New York’s best con (that I get super cheap passes to). There will be updates throughout the day as I plan to bite the super expensive bullet & pay for Javits Center wi-fi (only $45/hour! What a steal. Literally.) What will I see? What will I touch? What will touch me?

For now,  I leave you with the poster for the RZA’s The Man With the Iron Fists.

Excelsior! (ed.note: Stan Lee just sent a C&D over that so what it buddy).