Preview of Olivier Coipel’s Cover for Uncanny X-Force

I spy with my astigmatism’d eye:Bishop! The return of Mohawk Storm! Is that Spiral, with a better balanced set of limbs? Female Fantomex? Betsy “British Asian Ninja Telepath” Braddock? And uh….fat bald dude?  Wait, is that BALD BULL?! Oh shit, Bald Bull is just going to totally WRECK the X-Universe! Just don’t punch him in the stomach in between his 3rd & 4th hop (long charge) or 2nd & 3rd hop (short charge).  Man…Bald Bull, X-Man.  Talk about worlds colliding. Link via Comics Alliance.

P.S. 300TH POST!!! WOOO-HOOOO!!! To celebrate, I had business cards made up.  Taking it to the limit here at Modern Borefare. Strap in!!


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