31 Flavors of Terror

Have you noticed every successive technological leap forward is accompanied by a matching reduction in reliability? My parents won a cheap color TV in a church raffle in 1983. It was still 100% functional when they yard sold it 25 years later. I bought a 40” flatscreen LCD in 2006. The thing cost a small fortune but it looked fucking sweet hanging on the wall. Approximately eleven seconds after the two-year warranty expired, it developed a persistent shadowy smear on the right hand side of the screen. When I called tech support the guy said, “Yep, that’ll happen.” Fucker. Can someone please explain to me how every piece of technology in the world costs less to replace than to repair? How did they build the damn thing in the first place? Are they selling new ones at a loss? Is there a secret government subsidy program for consumer electronics? I…

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