Preview of Olivier Coipel’s Cover for Uncanny X-Force

I spy with my astigmatism’d eye:Bishop! The return of Mohawk Storm! Is that Spiral, with a better balanced set of limbs? Female Fantomex? Betsy “British Asian Ninja Telepath” Braddock? And uh….fat bald dude?  Wait, is that BALD BULL?! Oh shit, Bald Bull is just going to totally WRECK the X-Universe! Just don’t punch him in the stomach in between his 3rd & 4th hop (long charge) or 2nd & 3rd hop (short charge).  Man…Bald Bull, X-Man.  Talk about worlds colliding. Link via Comics Alliance.

P.S. 300TH POST!!! WOOO-HOOOO!!! To celebrate, I had business cards made up.  Taking it to the limit here at Modern Borefare. Strap in!!

31 Flavors of Terror

Have you noticed every successive technological leap forward is accompanied by a matching reduction in reliability? My parents won a cheap color TV in a church raffle in 1983. It was still 100% functional when they yard sold it 25 years later. I bought a 40” flatscreen LCD in 2006. The thing cost a small fortune but it looked fucking sweet hanging on the wall. Approximately eleven seconds after the two-year warranty expired, it developed a persistent shadowy smear on the right hand side of the screen. When I called tech support the guy said, “Yep, that’ll happen.” Fucker. Can someone please explain to me how every piece of technology in the world costs less to replace than to repair? How did they build the damn thing in the first place? Are they selling new ones at a loss? Is there a secret government subsidy program for consumer electronics? I…

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This Week’s Comics Haul: Not So Many Comics, But At Least Now I Can Buy Lunch

Random Thoughts

Invincible Iron Man is Still dope as f@$k.

– I’m only buying Uncanny Avengers because up until I have it in my hands, I refuse to believe this is an actual book and that’s its actual cover.

Archer & Armstrong continues to be an incredibly fun read.

– Guess who’s back? Back again? Joker’s back. Tell Batman. (Remember when Eminiem was a cultural force?)


Borderlands 2’s New Class, The Mechromancer, Available Later Today

Great, and I just started a Gunzerker (“Hephaestus”) character last night.

Man, Gearbox is really just killing it lately.  I mean, yeah, Duke Nukem was a colossal disappointment (to some)/ embarrassment (to everyone else), but hell, they resurrected a long thought dead IP with the best of intentions. They’re releasing a free (again, to some) extra class for a game that’s already incredibly fun & deep, with the promise of way more DLC to come.  It’s nice to see company that is all about the fans and not just in a cursory, lip service way.

Check out Gaige’s Skill tree here