31 Flavors of Terror

I’ve gone through a full week of October without a single zombie movie and that just cannot stand. I was this close to giving you Juan of the Dead today but I’ve done several comedies already. Instead I opted for one that plays it straight. I should have known better.

There is no more generic zombie film naming convention than Dead [noun]. You can put literally anything in there and imagine a plot around it. For example:

Dead Tree – Once you’ve tasted its fruit, you’ll keep coming back for more.

Dead Floor – For the privileged residents of this high-rise, nothing is off limits. Except the penthouse.

Dead Party – Put out the best silver, the guests are hungry.

This is not difficult. So it’s a complete mystery when producers slap together meaningless names like Dead Season. The title is two words long and fully 50% of it has NOTHING…

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