The Illuminati Return! Sadly Absent: Jay-Z

Jonathan Hickman lays out the details on the Avengers in a post AvX world. Best part? Return of the Illuminati. What a cool concept. The idea of a “good” secret society of Marvel heroes who, with everyone’s best intentions in mind, usually seems to screw the pooch? THAT’s the cool concept. Bringing back someone else’s cool concept is, well, lazy. WHO CARES MOAR ILLUMINATI. But probably not the one from Disney’s Gargoyles. Whose idea was it to insert a super bizarre, world spanning, brain jarring conspiracy into a children’s cartoon? Whoever it was: Bravo, sir. Bravo. That led me directly to Shea & Wilson’s Illuminatus! trilogy, which placed a multitude of bizarre ideas directly into my cerebral cortex. You could say that, part of the reason I am the way I am today is based directly upon the Disney Afternoon. Let that marinate.

Link to Hickman talkin’ those post-AvX blues via io9.


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